Don’t adapt to toxic environments​



This chant originates from the notoriously vicious  Millwall Football Club fans.

A group of people that have created a connotation around Millwall that makes it almost synonymous with hooliganism.

The harsh and passionate spirits of the Millwall fans are hard to miss. As an outsider, it may seem like this behavior is outrageous even reckless. However, people adapt very quickly to even the harshest environments.

The Standford Prison Experiment showed that very clearly.

So when put in a position with a toxic environment it’s important to take preventative measures to being swept into this group think.

The ultimate safe guard, know your foundation.

Are you indifferent to displays of aggression over referee calls?

How much do you let peer pressure affect you?

Knowing the values you stand for before putting yourself in toxic environments is the best way to remain true to yourself.

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