Why You Should Think Twice Before Delivering Praise

A subpar performance that’s praised at a high level sits poorly with all. The recipient knows the feedback is exaggerated and begins to second guess at their abilities. The deliverer of the feedback feels unsettled because although they’re trying to be helpful they know the work isn’t up to the standard it’s being paraded to…

Bedtime Stories For Children

Have you ever met a Trojan horse? From the outside, he dazzles those around him. But once you let your guard down he acts in ways you’d dread to imagine. A filter on a photo serves a great analogy, of how the actions of you and I filter out our reality. The real story that’s…


Blessing others with your gifts. It may seem like a small inconvenience or something you don’t think twice about. But your gifts leave a tremendous impact.

Shearing Sheep

Like a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, an opinion stated as fact preys on the persuadable. More often than not, it’s optional. There’s a choice to be made. Shear the sheep.

Make Yourself Proud

Listen to the voices that matter. Spend time with the people you love. Laugh at what you find funny. Go the extra mile to act in a way that makes you proud.