Pass On Perfect

A perfect day with a restless outlook. A content outlook and an imperfect day. Which would you rather?


All around you new opportunities await. Some will disappoint. And some will exceed your expectations.

Good Friends

How would you describe a good friend? Someone who cares for you, someone who shows up for you, someone who shared memories and time with you. And sometimes, you meet someone remarkable who literally changes the definition of a good friend. Cherish those people.

Apply To All

Where’s the apply to all setting? Kindness and curiosity, can I apply to all? Joy and excitement, can I apply to all? The beauty and hardship is that they must be chosen again every day.

Your Teams Don’t Debate Enough

“If everyone is completely on the same page and working in lockstep towards the same goals with no sense of confusion, then I suppose a lack of debate is a good sign.” – Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage. Echo chambers don’t yield breakthroughs. Yet, voicing an alternative perspective, questioning an approach, and voicing a concern, all…