Instead Of “No”

Try, what would you do if you were in my shoes. Asked genuinely. And with a listening ear. After all, maybe they’ll uncover why you should say yes.

Gandhi’s Sabbatical

Do you think that a time will come for Satyagraha in India? And if so, have you any idea when it will come? A friend asked Gandhi. Gandhi replied, “It is difficult to say. For one year I am to do nothing. For Gokbale took from me a promise that I should travel in India…


What do machines really do? They increase the number of things we can do without thinking. Things we do without a thinking – there’s the real danger. – God Emperor of Dune To consciously abdicate responsibility is to act irresponsibly. The machine grows at every opportunity.


Troubleshooting takes a predictable path across topics. Try to think about what might be causing the problem. For example, is the dough too wet? Maybe add flour. A pipe is leaking? Where is the water coming from? If it’s at a connection point, have you tried tightening it? When straightforward fixes are proving fruitless, Google…

Free Idea For Home Depot

Paint matching, but for wood. Every year flooring designs are cycled in and out. With bated breath, Home Depot employees across the nation await the occasion. Yet for the consumer, this is an event filled with dread. Any remodeling or repairs on flooring that’s older than a year is likely unavailable. The consumer is left…