What makes you feel wealthy? Is it, friends who go above and beyond in generosity? Or maybe a certain title or status? Potentially, material possessions?

How Light Switches Work

It’s more challenging to fool kids then adults with magic tricks. Kids favor simple explanation as opposed to complicated ones, while also being at a more strategic height to see a slight of hand. Take a light switch for example. Take a guess at how it works. If you aren’t super familiar with how electricity…

Painting With Perspectives

The left and right eye compliment each other to paint a fuller picture. Your ideas, dreams, goals, all benefit from the constructive perspective of others. It’s time to paint a fuller picture.


To strive and achieve gratifies the soul. But to have something go terribly awry and resurrect from it carries a special kind of victory. Challenges are inevitable, gain experience, fail a few times more.

Warm Ups

Plan for warm ups. Getting used to the ropes, letting the adrenaline course through your body, feeling out of place, being grateful once it’s over. But remember, this is a warm up. Time to do it again. Go up.