If it’s faster to do it now than write it on your to do list… If it’s a project you’ve been putting off… If thinking about the completed idea gets you excited… Start

Negotiating Out Of A $150 Ticket

On Sunday, Jan 29th, the cities police chief and ticket contesting office received the below email. “Hello friends, My name is Elizabeth Beeli, I’m a proud resident of Utah. First and foremost, I’m incredibly grateful for our police force, thank you David Catholdi, and the work you do for the city of Brighton “to make our town a…

Stephen King’s Writing Formula

In the first years of King’s writing career, he pitched. And pitched. The result was a lot of rejection slips. And on one of the rejection slips was a brief note, his writing had potential, but it was too fluffy, and then included a short formula “2nd Draft = 1st Draft -10%”. This formula is…

At The Core Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is glorified unabated stubbornness. Pure persistence. How is that stubbornness fueled? A mixture of passion, anger, and love.

Humble Pie, Served Daily

At its core, intellectual honesty is being able to admit when you’re wrong. The good news, humble pie isn’t the worst thing to consume. Everyone needs a slice now and then.