A frog doesn’t transformed when placed among foreign fish. So too should character remain consistent through change. And consider, if you do notice drastic differences, evaluate; if they are good ones.


“I didn’t know you felt that way.” “You’re scared of that?“ Putting yourself in someone’s else’s shoes feels unnatural. But when you do, it’s a lot easier to empathize and make them feel seen.

Writers, Authors, Owners

Benjamin Franklin operated his own newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette. Gandhi established the Indian Opinion. Mark Twain was an apprentice who did most of the dirty work at a printing shop. In addition to seeing the inner workings of news, distribution, and creation each of these men wrote voraciously themselves.

Diverging From Rational

Diverging from the rational prompts a double take. Seeing a continual display of love even when that love is scorned, hated, and devalued. Willingly incurring a cost without recovering any value. Turning the other cheek.

Your Best Thinking

Your best thinking is when you’ve considered multiple perspectives. When you’ve vetted with a friend. When you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes.