Highlights From Ender’s Game

You’re a monster. Thanks. Does this mean I get a raise? Just a medal. The budget isn’t inexhaustible. Cheer up. The buggers may kill us all before he graduates. Graff smiled. You’re right. I feel better already. Peter has always been a husbandman of pain, planting it, nurturing it, devouring it greedily when it was…

The Enemy’s Gate Is Down

Without warning, everything is flipped. Gravity is a myth. And it’s better that way. The enemy’s gate is down.

A Single Path

The world I see isn’t the same as yours. My ability to describe it, to bring you into that world is where synergy is formed. Where a single path can emerge.

Lack Of Armor

It was the lack of armor, the revealing of vulnerability, the showing of heart; the elements that moved humankind. And they were better for it. Those who stopped to be moved were better for it.