How To Get Stuff Done

Create your own panic monster. In one of the most watched Ted Talks of all time, Inside the mind of a master procrastinator, Tim Urban shares his experience doing what he does best: procrastinating. Until there’s a real world consequence, usually when he has to show his work to others, the task doesn’t get done….

The Bear And The Golden Salmon

First, his nose twitched seeking out a promising scent. Once found, the news was passed to the stomach who’s grumbling awakened the bear. Thus was the start to another clear spring morning. He was ready for a meal. Lumbering to the familiar stream where he’d enjoyed many a salmon, something different happened. Peering into the…

Attracting Investors Like Charlie Munger

Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, touts buying good companies on sale. Charlie Munger took that thinking a step further by emphasizing the importance of buying great companies on sale. ‘A great business at a fair price is superior to a fair business at a great price.’ From an entrepreneurial lens, this makes going…


The majority of the time you’re heads down going forward. Today, look up see others driving ahead. Smile. You’re not alone.

Due Time

No voice but I’m listening intently. Now the plan is adapting. Not to worry, everything in due time.