Using good as a guise for bad is worse than doing bad openly. It breaks trust, internally and externally. And it establishes a level of cognitive dissonance that degrades oneself.


Bringing people together. For the common pursuit of an idea, dream, or direction of improvement. Under our noses, there’s so much potential to be had.


One of the signs of great fiction is the interplay between believability and the absolutely unbelievable. Characters that make tough decisions and mistakes, while simultaneously wielding unbelievable power fight evil of terrifying heights. The two contrasting threads weave a wonderful experience for the reader.


Fear, guilt, terror, emotions that sear memories into the brain. Reflecting on good times, the mundane, the days that went by without note. Small delights, simple pleasures, those that melt into memories.

Becoming Valuable

There are so many skills we take for granted in ourselves yet are highly valued by others. When is that value realized? When you see your skill set through the eyes of someone who could benefit from.