I wrote for 30 days, this is what I learned

New challenges bring forth new opportunities for growth.

When I first started daily blogging I was doubtful that I would have enough ideas, particularly good ideas, to write about. Well after 30 days, some days where I posted two blogs, I can confidently say I am in no danger of running out of ideas. That excites me.

I’ve only brushed the surface of my potential as a writer. 

During this challenge I was committed, I knew regardless of what my day held I would get my blog done before I went to sleep. That turned out to be a challenge when I was spending up to three hours on some posts. However, as time went on I’ve began to slowly gain the skill of tapering down my writing process.

Initially, during the first 19 days, I didn’t share my posts publicly. I shared the URL with a select few. The idea of publicizing my work scared me because I didn’t want people to read what I wrote. At this point, the risk was minimal and so was the reward.

Once I began to share my writing I realized what reward I was missing out on. I was missing the reward of being heard, the reward of seeing the impact of my words. The reward of knowing that people who I respect would be seeing my thoughts on paper. Knowing that people can easily read my work, an inevitable fear but one that can only be conquered by doing it anyway.  

Soon after I began sharing my work on social media I began to look forward to sharing it with others. It represented something I had worked hard on and was proud of. I love seeing numbers and the impact of what I’m doing. Over the course of the 30 days, I’ve had 192 visitors and 613 views.

So thank you, for reading my content.

Ultimately I would say this was a very successful challenge that built my confidence and added value to my life. I love the feeling of starting and finishing something in a day. My interest in daily writing had been sparked and I plan to continue to blog daily until Feb. 13. Everyone can build their writing abilities, including you. So I challenge you, to write daily for 30 days.

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