Why I’m Deleting Snapchat

I am a value-driven person.

I pursue things that add value to my life.

And consequently, I discard things that do not add value to my life.

And this current point in my life Snapchat is of negative value to me. It is a constant drain on one of my most valuable resources, my time.

I must applaud the creators of Snapchat. They have done a marvelous job of keeping their audience engaged, specifically in encouraging streaks, where daily interaction between users is rewarded.

Although streaks are a marvels marketing ploy they are a dangerous personal motivator. I’ve had literal anxiety, turned down adventure so I could stay in an area with wifi all with the intent of not losing a streak.

Deleting Snapchat is a public statement to myself and others that I stand for value.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of deleting Snapchat for a while. And with my 18th birthday no more than a day away I decided to make the call and leave it behind as I continue into adulthood.

I have no ultimatum against Snapchat I think it is a wonderful way to stay connect and keep up to date with your friends. However for me personally it is not adding value to my life at this time. I have other forms of connecting that provide much more value to me.

I pose the same question to you. Is Snapchat adding or subtracting value in your life?


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  1. Josh Mudge says:

    The concept of eliminating things that take more than they give is something I’ve been exploring more recently — and I am much the better for it.


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