You’re different

AI is changing our education system, specifically, the tools teachers have to teach.

With the variouse aray of learning styles, it’s very hard for teachers to tailor their teaching styles. Thankfully, AI is helping present different ways for students to learn, but more importantly, different ways to evaluate how students learn.

A recent development is in experiential learning.

An initiative where students learn in a hands-on environment and can be accurately evaluated.

Experiential learning helps:

Students to apply theory, By moving beyond theory to the hands-on experience students are forced to apply their knowledge. This is arguably the turning point between knowledge and wisdom, wisdom is applied knowledge. This plays a crucial role in retaining concepts and ideas.

Real world experience. When you practice the mindset, skills, and tasks similar to what you will need in the real world, students are prepared to succeed in a more tangible way.

Better assessments. When combined with simulations and gamification, experiential learning becomes a powerhouse of data, which can be used to deliver assessments results accurately across cognitive learning, skills affect and objective results.  The analytics engines in these simulations record, analyze and provide a detailed report on the participants’ interaction throughout the experience.

AI is a tool that will help revolutionize education by teaching to a wider variety of learning styles and helping professors to understand and evaluate their students.

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