Time for a change

Currently, there’s a disconnect between my goals and my actions.

What I want to accomplish through writing daily, building credibility and establish my message in pursuit of public speaking engagements as well as explore publications on third-party sites, is not going to be achieved through my current actions.

In order to accomplish my goals I need to change. Here’s my plan:

Pick two topics I want to be known for and establish why. I already know one, self-improvement, motivating others to take action to change their lives for the better. However, this is a pretty general topic so I’m going to spend this week getting more specific with what specific message in regards to self-improvement I want to share.  The second topic will likely be something either regarding business or entrepreneurship.

Also this week I’m going to evaluate who is already in this space. Each day I’m going to spend 20 min seeking out and studying people who are crushing it in this space.

In my daily posts, I want to add in more external research. The objective is to establish a higher level of quality in my writing. With more research, I will achieve greater focus, depth, and clearer arguments through my writing.

I’m also toying with the idea of guest post, which I think could provide for some great collaboration.



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