The Other Side Of The Table

Any time you experience an event from another perspective, take a moment to reflect on it.

For example, i usually usher and welcome people at my local church. However, today I’m away from my home church and attended a new location. Viewing this experience from another perspective reminded me of the uncertainty, unknown and much appreciated smiles and greetings felt from being welcomed.

When on the other side of the table, I will remember this insight.

When the bearer of exciting news I can’t wait to let everyone know. I want to be heard and for people to listen. This is so important to remember when on the opposite side, and listening to the story someone is sharing.

When comforting a friend who’s heart is heavy because of mistake they made, think about how you feel when sharing a personal failing. How you are seeking comfort and a shoulder to lean on.

There is always another side to the table, when you sit in a different seat, take a moment to look around.

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