Acing Modern Day Sales

There is no “one way” to reach your prospect, via either email, phone, etc.

Thankfully, modern day sales presents a variety of channels to interact with your prospects.

Now, the reason behind utilizing various channels is because of the ability to engage with each prospect through their different and preferred method of communication.

Within one persona there are a variety of different communication preferences, even if we were to assume extreme similarities.

Mixing up your approach to cover the communication styles of your audience, whether that be visual, auditory or kinesthetic, creates an efficient and thoughtful multitouch strategy.

To put this into perspective think of the way you communicate.

If you’re a kinesthetic communicator an email campaign isn’t going to compel you like getting access to a trial account would. If you’re an auditory communicator getting that voicemail might be what compels you to reply to the email.

Taking a multitouch approach that covers the various communication styles, will results in more interactions with your prospects, and from there hopefully more sales.

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