Read This To Avoid Declining Sales

At Tableau a fascinating phenomena exists.

It’s called “the sophomore slump.”

Consistently, in the second year of a sales reps employment at Tableau, there is a decline in their ability to close deals.


Well, after the first year the sales rep became familiar with the variety of ways that Tableau could be used. This of course made them want to share and talk all about them and not about the problems faced by the client.

In simple terms: the rep stopped listening to the needs of the client.

Because for sales, and most of life, the reality is: it’s not about you.

It’s not about your product.

It’s not about your features.

It’s about your client.

And if you can help them solve a problem, hopefully a big one.

Moral of the story: stop talking about yourself.

Side Note:

It’s worth addressing that knowing a lot about your product does not automatically correlate with less sales.

Otherwise it would logically follow that the reps with the least education on your product would be the best sales people.

It’s possible to have great product knowledge and listen to you client, there is just a key element of discernment, knowing when to introduce that information which is crucial. This is why it’s so important to know when the buyer is ready to hear about how you’re going to help them solve their problem.

Which can ONLY be addressed once the problem, and the clients desire to fixe the problem have been established.

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