Pull The Goalie

Wiki describes pulling the goalie below:
“The removal of the goaltender for an extra attacker is colloquially called pulling the goalie, resulting in an empty net. The extra attacker is typically utilized in two situations: Near the end of the game — typically the last 60 to 90 seconds — when a team is losing by one or two goals.”

This is a hockey strategy that was introduced to me by Malcom Gladwell in his podcast “Revisionist History.” After further analysis his research revealed that it’s more advantageous for teams down points to pull the goalie earlier in the game, with say 5 minutes left to increase the likely hood of them scoring.

(This is especially unique to hockey since the end of the game a winner and loser is simply determined by whoever has the most points, no additional factors are influenced by the score.)

However, most teams won’t do that because leaving your goal undefended looks super sketchy and appears unintelligent, although statistically it is the better option.

Thus, among my friends, the term “pull the goalie” has come to mean doing the statistically better option but what may appear odd from an outside perspective.

Having this lingo has helped me to act in way that is more aligned with the person I want to be.

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