Who Am I?

I am limited in knowing who I truly am by how well I know God.

Men and women are made in God’s image, specifically our hearts.

As copies, we can only reflect the original.

To best understand a copy the original should be known, intimately.

This logical flow made me realize I can’t know myself very well if I don’t know Christ very well.

And to be frank, I don’t think I know Him very well at this point.

Although, I feel closer to God now than ever, I’ve recently realization that I’ve never really pursued Christ. Although I’ve viewed it as a relationship, talking to him frequently, I haven’t made it a priority or dedicated the amount of focus that I have to most of my friendships, making specific time for them, asking how they’re doing, etc.

“Love (or faith) in the brain changes nothing” says Bob Goff in his book “Love Does.”

As I take action to draw closer to Christ, pursuing him, I can not wait to learn more about who I am.

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