The Best Sales Initiation

Generally speaking, below are the top three skills of a sales person:

  1. Enthusiastic
  2. Genuine care for people, and are curious about them
  3. Great at overcoming objections

I would argue that by far being enthusiastic is one of the most effective keys of a sales women. I want you to think first time startup founder with a killer problem, enthusiasm. To get even more granular with this description: the type of energy that comes from believing that your product can solve a big problem.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the best way to communicate that to a sales team. Every company has an on-boarding process. But not many of them leave their sales people with this kind of enthusiasm. And although enthusiasm is ultimately a choice, it’s in the best interest of the company to provide information, aka the problem, to feed that enthusiasm.

And I think the experience below paints a pretty good picture of how that could be effectively done.

On the first day of an on-boarding process for sales people, have them do a case study of a real target customer.

The best way to inspire a new worker is to let them see firsthand the real life problem of your customer.

If they’re doing a real case study and interacting with real people it’s going to be a fantastic way to see how your employee navigates the situation. Are they friendly? Do they express interest in the client? A college degree does not ensure that an individual posses the inner motivation, confidence, and strength to engage with real people and show them how to overcome an obstacle.

This environment helps the employee to view their client as real person in need of help. As well as the opportunity to finding out everything there is to know about their difficulties.

Have their heart touched by a real life situation and create the spark of enthusiasm needed to build a fire.

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