Iterating Isn’t Just For Businesses

It’s also for yourself.

To understand how iteration applies to your personal life let’s first understand how it applies to the business world.

If you’re running a marketing campaign, iterating just once or twice a year, slowly responding to feedback from the marketplace, the campaign is going to take a long time to get right.

Now let’s cross apply that to your personal life.

For example say you want to become a successful CEO. So you start out by working at a big corporation to learn the skills you need. But you fail to reflect or determine when you’ve learned the skills you need. You’ll stay in the same position, same habits, and same routines that you’ve always done if you fail to iterate.

What are you doing today to speed up your cycle timeline? The faster you can turn the crank, getting through an entire cycle of the build-measure-learn feedback loop, the more responsive you’ll be to accomplishing your goals and achieving what you want.

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