Missing My First Flight

Let’s set the stage.

We arrived at the airport at 4:00 pm with 15 minute to get through security.

Bad idea.

I am aware.

Although I want to argue that we could have gotten through security in 15 minutes, it rings dull since most airlines don’t allow bags to be checked if the plane is >30min from departure.

With no chance of getting on our original flight it was time to consider our next best option. Which was five hours later at 9:05pm.

I made a joking comment to the employee that with that type of wait time they should start a library.

To which she delighted me by replying “We have an employee library in the back.”

“Do you have any books on self help or business available to borrow?” I asked.

She said “Let me check” quickly disappeared into the back and returned with two books.

These books were, Can They Sell by Steve Suggs and Selling Beyond Survival by Lance Cooper.

For one hour we waited, you can’t check bags until the flight is 4 hours away, and I was able to finish one book and a third of the second one.

As we went to check in the backs I returned the book to the employee, expressing my profuse thanks.

To which she responded by giving me the book I had only partially.

I was elated.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve missed your flight, ask around for a library.

Belongings + Blessings

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