Learn From My Mistakes

Short story: I took a turn too quickly.

Long story: There had been a blizzard the day before.

The roads had yesterdays snow which had melted and then froze into precarious parts of ice.

As I turned into work I was going too quickly and lost control of my car.

I slid into and over the median which was quickly followed by the sound of a loud crunch.

I thought the front of my car was destroyed, but sitting on top of the median was no place to confirm this hypothesis.

So I drove off the median, parked in my traditional spot and prepared to see the crushed remains of the front of my car. However, when I got out and examined the front I couldn’t find a scratch.

Then I spotted it.

My front right tire was flat.

Mentally preparing to replace my first tire I planned to get off of work early and use my can of Fix a Flat. When the time did come to make the first attempt the foam never lifted the rim off the ground, because the metal rim had broken, the cause of the loud crunch, making the foam unable to stay in the tire. I ended up changing the flat tire out for a spare and driving to Big O.

I am now getting four snow tires. All this to say learn from my mistakes, take turns slowly.

Visualize your tire replacements, and anything elses, in Lucidchart.
Mycrofts first injury, due to the reckless driving of a Sherlock imposter.

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