Skills Of An Entrepreneur Pt. 2

The skills needed to run a company are numerous.

And for some skills, no amount of reading or simulation can prepare you for the first hand experience.

This is my second attempt at outlining the skills an entrepreneur should have before starting their first company. (First attempt here.)

This go around I have prioritized 1) clarity 2) skills to develop now vs best learned on the job. I will reflect on the below in three months on February 29th, 2020.

Set and meet spending goals, and track my expenses. (I’m getting more granular then my regular budgeting and plan to do this for a portion of the three months.)

Web design
Build a functioning website in under a week that communicates a clear call to action and successfully drives an audience to that call to action. Instead of rebuilding a site I will try to increase the subscriber count on my personal website by 50% in the next three months.

I personally don’t want to be an engineer but I would like to be familiar with the basics of engineering terminology. Complete the resources here and here.

The best HR systems are simple and keep managers and employees focused on what the organization believes. This is primarily dependent on what the companies core values are. So I will put this as something to learn later.

Create a detailed visual of how to properly incorporate your company as a Delaware LLC.

User Research
Write a post on how to conduct user research with actionable take aways.

Write a post about the anchors of strategy written about in “The Advantage“.

Watch this video on marketing and dive into other marketing resources recommended by reputable sources.

Inspired by Seth’s post I want to become more of a technologist. I’ve subscribed to two tech news sources but am having difficulty quantifying skills of a technologist further.

Soft Skills

Time management
Daily identify the number one action item to achieve success and set a time limit for that item.

Workout routine
Continue working out 4-6 times a week. Run 10 miles by the end of February.

Fluidly be able to quantify gaps and transfer ownership.

Clear understanding of that a cultural fit and misfit looks like. During on-boarding, focus on sharing the why and mission of company, letting them experience a day in the life of the customer, and getting them excited. This is going to wait until I have a company as well.

Giving feedback
Write a speech on what being kind is and is not. (e.g. Being kind means being clear. It is not kind to be unclear. As well as the importance of caring personally before you give feedback.)

Core values
Go through the core value exercise in “The Advantage.” This is more so ment as a way to understand what values are core to me. I’m sure these will change based on the companies unique mission.

See you in three months.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

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