An Unlikely Story: Enjoying Driving School

This is a tale of a curious twist of events where I found myself, not only enjoying but, having a delightful experience in an unlikely environment.

I’d be willing to bet that driving school holds no representation on your list of favorite places.

In fact, I would be in that same group, under normal circumstances.

This was no normal circumstance.

Maybe the fact that the instructor had sideburns that rivaled the largest I had ever seen, or because his ears were slightly pointed and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was half-elf, that added to the experience.

But I was particularly thrilled that this man started off by setting expectations, what we needed to complete the course, overview of the course content, and that we would be taking a break at the end instead of in the middle of class so we could end earlier.

He also told us we would do be doing a flipped classroom model, where we would tell him a driving pet peeve and he would share some insight into it.

His delivery of information was fluid and clear. He said a total of five filler words during the entire class.

You will never go wrong by crushing it.

Literally wherever you go, whatever you do, find a way to do it excellently. Go above and beyond.

Photo by A. L. on Unsplash.

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