Thoughts From Japan

Differences from U.S. ski resorts to the ones here:

  • Music on lifts
  • Sensitive scanners
  • Huge disparity in the speed, length, and height of lifts (cc – calf crunching lifts)
  • Lots of cultural diversity 
  • Ramen in ski lodge
  • Return your day pass

I’ve never been so appreciative of hearing someone speak English when trying to accomplish a task, e.g. ordering food, asking for directions.

7/11 are incredible. You can order and eat a large amount of healthy and compact food options. Who would have thought. This business model is rivaling a lot of fast food options and I would not be surprised if the average person in Japan goes to 7/11 more frequently then a McDonalds for quick food.

Clean, the city is very clean and orderly.

When riding the subway there is an option for female only cars which makes for an interesting cultural observation. They know certain environments, e.g. packed cars, create for risk so they act to prevent it. Is there opportunity to apply the same type of preventative measures on U.S. public transportation? 

  • If something is different than what you expected does that make the experience more or less interesting?

Driving on the left side of the road isn’t as bad as I though it would be. And the speed limit here is quite low. 

Not all ramen/gyoza/vinegar chicken is created equal.


Japanese style airbnbs get a 10/10 

Having English menus (with photos) makes a big difference. (Leaders bring clarity and in this instance the leader happens to be a clear depiction of what the heck you’re going to order. Very helpful.)

Traveling to another country involves a lot of small logistics. It’s nice that English is so heavily accommodated and tailored to but not speaking English and going to another country would be a much more jarring experience. Definitely became more appreciative of the fact that I speak English as well as isolated by my lack of language diversity. 

Each train has a unique tune to alert passengers of its arrival.

Navigating the trains is. no. joke.

Photo by Sam Lee on Unsplash.

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