Bidet – A Study In User Experience

Going to the restroom isn’t always a pleasant experience.

For example, when it’s completely quite, and you could hear the sound of a pin drop, it doesn’t facilitate a good user experience.

This dilemma made me inquiry into what the root cause is.

After some thought I have come to the conclusion that why we don’t enjoy the silence for example is because it’s uncomfortable. Which poses the question, how can we make users feel more comfortable?

Someone else has poundered these same thoughts and come up with an interesting solution. Let me introduce you to the Bidet.

This specific type of toilet originated in France in the 1700s but is used in 80% of bathrooms in European countries, South America, the Middle East, and Asia have bidets in them. These toilets can talk to you, wash you, and even play music for you (both to relax and mask).

I would put a bidet in my home.

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