The Surprising Impact Accepting Compliments Has On Your Future Children

Men mature by becoming more aware of how to succeed in giving.

Woman mature by learning to set limits in order to receive what she wants.

Regulate how much you give.

To receive you need to set limits.

Practice asking correctly

Be direct, be brief, use “would” and “will.”

Asking correctly for what you are already getting.

Practice asking for more (even when you know they might say no).

Practice assertive asking.

Women are afraid of not being supported so they unknowingly push away the support they need. Then the man feels she doesn’t trust him to fulfill her needs, he feels rejected.

Men primarily motivated by being needed but are turned off from neediness.

Needing openly reaching out asking for support in a trusting manner – assume he will do his best

neediness desperately needing support because you don’t trust you’ll get it. This pushes men away and makes them feel rejected

This is because we buy into the LIE that we become more worthy by giving.

when a little girl sees mother receive the love she automatically feels worthy of love. Did your mom accept love and supports, compliments?

The truth is if you can’t say no, that’s your problem, not theirs.

You don’t have to give more to have a better relationship.

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