Thoughts From The Philippines

  • Lowest socioeconomic environment I’ve seen. 
  • People live in huts, hand wash their laundry, the 7/11s are shacks with snacks hanging from it.
  • People walk miles to go to school. Little kids sell goods in the street.
  • It’s difficult to attract foreign dollars when you lack resources, the infrastructure to produce resources of value, or naturally beautiful sites to attract tourists.
  • There is one paved road that goes from the bottom of the island of Palawan to the top.
  • And yet, people are really genuinely happy here. 
  • Education has a huge emphasis. People will have 3 by 2 posters of their children who have graduated from school. 
  • Not speaking English is a huge disadvantage, speaking English is a huge advantage.
  • NEVER go near sand fleas. (They come out when the sun goes down.)
  • Rice is a staple, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • It is so beautiful here, people come from all over the world to witness the blue water and neighboring islands.
  • The Philippines is potentially the Chinese version of Mexico, being only 4 wish hours from Shanghai. 

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