20 Things To Tell My Younger Self

  1. Make God your first love.
    I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough. If you are deeply in love with God, it will ground you. Instead of placing your identity in your performance or appearance you are grounded in who you are in Christ. His view of you can not be changed based on your earthly performance. Hallelujah!
  2. Challenge yourself to be a vessel of Christ’s love.
    It is an extremely powerful gift to know your life’s purpose. I know that mine involves being a vessel of Christs’ love. In this pursuit, a practical habit I enjoy is asking people: “How can I help you?”
  3. Goals + Encouragement + Challenging Others = Value
    People I look up to, seniors in my company, renowned authors, they are all just human. Don’t be afraid to ask people, what their goals are, don’t be afraid to share something cool you’ve read with them. Don’t be afraid to send someone a text telling them you’re praying for them. Those are all things that create value.
  4. Think about death.
    If you died tomorrow, would you be happy with your current prioritize? This is not supposed to be a scary exercise but rather one to help you focus and thrive.
  5. Set intentional limits on your time.
    Being busy isn’t desirable. In fact, being busy is a sign that you do not have ownership over your time.
  6. Whatever you’re doing, choose to adopt a joyful attitude.
    Even if it sucks in the moment, even if you feel like you’d rather be anywhere but there. Why? Because being upset won’t help the situation, this moment like every other will pass. So it’s worth making the most of it.
  7. Make expressing gratitude a habit.
    It’s the quickest way to double your income.
  8. Identify passive sources of income + try and make $1,200 in a year doing what you love.
  9. Leading by example is the most powerful message you can share.
  10. Adopt a mindset of genuine curiosity.
    Every man is in some area your master, can you find it?
  11. Read. (Also, set an in app time limit on social media usage.)
  12. Seek discomfort. Actively, go find it. Do something that makes you squirm.
  13. Remember, you always have a choice.
  14. Take action on crazy ideas, especially if they involve little chairs, writing thank you notes, crafting wiki pages, or doing summersaults in skis.
  15. Ask for help, accountability, support, people want to encourage you.
  16. Value your time at home, specifically with your parents. It will fly by sooner than you think.
  17. Become a slave to good habits.
  18. Write.
  19. Be problem focused.
  20. It’s not about YOU!

Photo by HENCE THE BOOM on Unsplash.

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