A Study In Running & Emotional Stability

Lately, I’ve been running.

However, I’m also in the habit of forgetting my water bottle.

In these moments lacking foresight, I put a cup of water on the treadmill and try to bring it to my lips, all while running.

You can imagine the outcome, water spills everywhere.

The foundation for this cup, being a mobile runner, is not ideal. Every stride creates a movement that results in a small rain storm.

If I were to stop running I could drink this water with ease.

However, that would require me to momentarily stop running, which isn’t going to happen.

What is the purpose of this study in my running habits?

That the foundation matters.

A mobile runner does not make a good foundation, it’s unsteady.

You know what else is unsteady?

The level of productivity and success you’ll have on a given day.

Yes there are things you can do to help optimize a day’s productivity, and those are great.

I recently realized my emotions were built on the foundation of how productive I was at work any given day.

What a poor foundation!

Without even realizing it, many of us place our emotional state on something that could change at random.

I challenge you to be intentional with what foundation you choose to build your emotions on.

Photo by sporlab on Unsplash.

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