A Fun Challenge Sparked By An Expression Of Gratitude

In an article I read this week I thought the author did a phenomenal job composing an engaging and informative piece of content.

So I decided to tell them so.

This lead to a brief conversation about writing which concluded in myself taking on a challenge to submit to a publication by the end of the month.

Below is a summary of a few pieces of work I’ve written and will be pitching. Excited for this new challenge, will keep you posted.

20 Things To Tell My Younger Self
I recently turned twenty. In the years up to that point I’ve started my own business, given a Tedx talk, written every day for 850+ days, moved to San Francisco on my own to work for a tech company, and moved 21 times. And although I wouldn’t change anything, I’ve learned some lessons about self discovery that I would like to share with others.

How To Thrift – A Comprehensive Guide
Everyone loves a good thrift store excursion. But is there a formula to finding the perfect gems? How can you ensure that you maintain some level of success when all the options can feel so overwhelming?

A Tool To Crush 2020
This is an introspective piece on the power of appreciation. What does it mean to appreciate something? Appreciate is defined as: recognizing the full worth of. If you recognize the full worth of your time, your talents, yourself you will find yourself crushing 2020.

My Role As CRO
Chief Reminding Officer, that is. Although we often know the answer it is extremely important to be reminded of it. This is a story about my life as CRO and how I’ve leveraged this to achieve success in my personal and professional life.

On Changing Someone’s Life
Changing someone’s life is a two way street. You alone can not make the decision to change their life and they won’t change if you don’t present something different from the status quo. How can you present more opportunities for positive change, as well as take more of them?

A Minimilists Guide To Gifts
Instead of giving things, what if you gave experiences? Being someone who appreciates minimalism I share different experiences you can create for your friends and family. Memories will last a lifetime, put the effort into experiencing those together.

A Female Phenomena
Women compensate with the fear of “unworthiness” by being attentive and responsive to the needs of others. As women mature they learn to put limits in order to receive what they want. It’s absolutely insane that women so often buy into the lie that “You become more worthy by giving.” The truth is: you don’t have to give more to have a better relationship.

Alternatives To Worry
Time is limited, spend it wisely. Knowing the above to be true, it’s a goal of mine to spend less time, ideally no time, worrying. Because, worry does not bring a single positive into your life. It does bring stress and waste mental energy. Here I share two alternatives to worry that have been surprisingly effective for me.

Defining Healthy Relationship
A relationship is healthy when both people have permission to ask for what they want and need, and they both have permission to say no if they choose. Love does not mean you never have to ask. Love does not mean you never say no. These are lies we’ve been told that falsely paint a picture of what a healthy relationship is. But equally important is knowing that not asking or not saying no is your fault, not theirs.

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