Which Came First, Sleep Or Consciousness?

I value diverse perspectives.

Especially ones that make me reconsider a previously held opinion and present a view I don’t necessarily agree with.

I’m currently reading “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. He has the below fascinating explanation for why we sleep which I found a most intriguing thought experiment.

“Many explanations for why we sleep circle around a common, and perhaps erroneous, idea: sleep is the state we must enter in order to fix that which has been upset by wake. But what if we turned this argument on its head What if sleep is so useful – so physiologically beneficial to ever aspect of our being- that the real question is: why did life ever bother to wake up?

Considering how biologically damaging the state of wakefulness can often be, that is the true evolutionary puzzle here, not sleep.

Sleep was the first state of life on this planet and it was from sleep that wakefulness emerged.”

Although I don’t agree with his hypothesis, I find it wonderfully different and refreshing.

Photo by Ray on Unsplash.

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