16 Miles (Revisited)

On November 14th, 2017 I wrote a post titled “16 miles.

Today, I walked that same path.

Well, some of it.

This time around the adventure crew was not a trio but a duo (You missed out, Stephen).

The trail conditions were quite snowy, demanding the use of snowshoes. Although we didn’t summit the experience was fun none the less.

As we were headed out the door at 6 am with snow gently wafting down, I realized a part of me (maybe 53%) would have preferred to have turned right around and burrowed into my warm bed.

In addition, an apprehensive thought or two scurried across my mind. These thoughts were primarily in the theme of a hypothetical situation where we never returned. Considering this wasn’t a particularly long or dangerous hike I was surprised to hear these thoughts in my mind.

(Comparing the difference between the feelings of “built-up anticipation” described in my post two + years ago and what I felt today was interesting.)

However, upon setting foot on the trail I realized how unwarranted my fears were and how much I love being outside. The slow movements of putting one foot in front of the other created such a peaceful experience that allowed my mind to wander.

I like hiking more now than ever.

It is a way to appreciate God’s goodness, overcome challenges, and consider big questions.

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