Send A Card

There are hundreds of thousands of patients who are waiting.

With their thoughts, maybe a TV to entertain them, and the occasional neighbor, who’s six feet away.

Their normal visitors, friends, and family, can’t visit because of necessary precautions.

They’d love to hear from you.

I encourage you to write them a note. (In the ‘Patient’s Name’ section the hospital has instructed us to put ‘Dear Patient’.)

Here are two of my notes below, to get your note writing wheels turning.

#1 Hi there,

Today it might be cloudy or sunny.

Regardless, I hope your spirit can be bright.

We’re cheering for you, your recovery and triumph.

Remember that hardships can provide an opportunity to step up. They remind us of what we’re capable of.

That we can choose a positive attitude in a desolate situation.

That we can choose to hope instead of fear.

That we can choose to smile.

Please, keep persevering.

Stay well,

#2 Hi friend,

Thinking of you and other patients today.

I just wanted to remind you of some good news…

Calling your family isn’t canceled.

Practicing gratitude isn’t canceled.

Staying optimistic isn’t canceled.

You’re incredible! Keep up the cheerful spirit!

Take care,

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash.

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