A Numbers Game

I distinctly remember a conversation with my brother regarding his perception of sales.

He asked, “Is sales really just a numbers game?”

I happen to be reading “What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School” and I think he has some very applicable insight to answer my brothers’ question.

“Persistence, as conventionally understood, implies that selling is strictly a numbers game, a question of how many doors you knock on and how many times you go back to knock again.

I doubt that this is the whole story in any sales business. In our organization, and I’m sure this is true of most service organizations, effective selling is as much a matter of the quality of the doors, and how and when you choose to knock, as it is of numbers.

But this is not to undermine the importance of persistence. Without the patience to wait and the persistence to go back again, any other insights into timing aren’t worth very much. Persistence is certainly right up there among the basic sale commandments with “know your product” and “believe in your product.””

TL:DR In my experience effectively getting your product to market is best accomplished when you hyper focus on the group that is feeling whatever problem you solve most deeply. While addressing their pressing need you identify other areas of opportunity to make your product better and meet other needs.

Having a defined “qualified door” is very important. Sales is not most effective as a numbers game.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash.

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