Virtual Debate Tournaments

I never thought I would experience a virtual debate tournament.

The advancements in technology, and our current global circumstance, made that a reality today.

300+ people on a zoom meeting, how does one even begin to manage that?

Although there are tools to accompany a virtual debate experience, they certainly aren’t fine tuned.

This was a feat of creativity, planning, and innovation.

After an initial meeting we were divided into two groups, students and judge, where we each had an introductory orientation.

My favorite part from this orientation was when they proposed a thought experiment in user experience. Put yourself in the students shoes and consider receiving a ranking of 3rd in the room and “awesome” as your only feedback.

That would be quite frusterating.

Always provide feedback on how they could improve.

After leaving our orientation judges were assigned to their own virtual room with students and a google form as a makeshift ballot.

Three months ago, there wasn’t a strong demand for hosting virtual debate tournaments.

Being a part of this new format was enlightening. Making the process of hosting virtual debate tournaments easier would be fascinating.

Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash.

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