The Fascinating Life Of Frank Abagnale

By the age of 21, Frank Abagnale was wanted for criminal activity in multiple countries.

His heists, which involved cashing fake checks, taking on the false identities of pilots, doctors, and lawyers were sometimes heralded as “genius”.

However, he responded that it was the confidence of adolescence not genius that made him successful.

“It is essential to have internal confidence in yourself. The moment you begin to doubt yourself it becomes a weakness in your personality.”

– Frank Abagnale

After he was caught and served time in prison. However his confidence remained and eventually led Frank to becoming one of the world’s most respected security consultants.

Although your story may not entail the dramatic ups and downs that Frank did, it can still experience the benefits of self confidence. If you need inspiration, watch his talk at Google.

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash.

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  1. Abby Beeli says:

    Have you ever read his autobiography, catch me if you can, or watched the movie about his life by the same title? Both are fascinating


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