3 Mistakes To Avoid When Listening

Active listening is near the top of the list for soft skills I value. It’s an art you can continue to perfect.

To improve, and achieve eventual mastery, try avoiding these three mistakes.

Psuedo listening
Summarized as fake listening. You find yourself on a mental vacation although you’re physically present.

Selective listening
The repetitive click of a pen, a car driving by, your neighbor watering their lawn, these are all elements that can make you distracted, which leads to selective listening.

Critical listening
Because I disagreed with their first sentence all I could think about were the reasons they were wrong. I have no idea what else they said. This is not an optimal position to be in when your goal is to understand and then be understood, or to persuade the person to your side.

Of course, if you can just fake that you’re listening, pick out the most important parts, and identify where the speaker is wrong, you can focus on speaking your opinion, which at the end of the day is what really matters.

Watch the lecture, it’s at least a 8.2/10, here.

Photo by furkanvari on Unsplash.

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