A Huge Difference

Last week was one of the hardest weeks in my professional career.

My heart felt so heavy.

If grief could weigh my heart would have fallen through the floor it was so heavy.

This week, I had a blast.

Enjoyed my work, accomplished a lot of my goals, and generally was over an 8.2/10 as far as my personal productivity scale goes.

What changed?

I wasn’t as wrapped up in the news, and granted the news wasn’t as bad this week.

After having such an emotionally draining last week I decided something needed to change. I made the decision to start off my day with a prayer and saw that it made a huge difference this week.

It was a great way of reminding me of what I can control and where I am putting my trust.

Time will carry on. A week, a mindset, a decision all can make a huge difference.

Photo by Christian Grab on Unsplash.

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