Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan

It’s important to have a plan.

This is not breaking news.

Then why is it that we so rarely make one?

Honestly, take a moment to pause – why don’t you make a plan for what you want to accomplish in your work day?

(If you already do, I congratulate you and hope you’ll continue the habit.)

Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start, you never find plans to help that much anyway, you’d rather just get started, or it’s overwhelming to think about all of you need to accomplish.

Consider how a plan could help you achieve your goal.

Then be ruthless in what items are absolutely essential to achieve that goal, narrow it down to one item to do today or this week, and add a consequence if you don’t do it and a reward if you do.

Plan your work, and then work your plan.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

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