I Don’t Know If I Would Have Signed The Declaration. Would You?

The more I learn about history, and live through it, the inreasingly in awe I become of what can be done.

For example, the fact that 56 men signed their death warrant for a cause they believed in.

And of those 56 men almost half were under the age of 40.

I fall into that group, and many of my peers and colleagues do.

However, when I pose the hypothetical situation of placing myself among those men, I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to sign.

I could easily come up with, quite logical, reasons why I wouldn’t want to sign such a document.

(I don’t know what the form of government is going to look like after we overthrow Britain.
I don’t know if declare independence against a global super power is the best way to defeat them.)

And although my actions in that hypothetical situation are still something I’m muling over, I am appreciative of the risk they took and what lessons I can apply from it.

Freedom is only preserved by those too strong to be enslaved, too caring to let others suffer, too smart for dangerous dogmas.

Photo by Maayan Nemanov on Unsplash.

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