Exploring The Potential Benefit Of Visualizing Unnecessary Government Involvement

“There is nothing quite so permanent as a temporary government program.”

– Ronald Reagan

The average person doesn’t realize the copious amount of unnecessary policies and laws there are.

Until they try to do something.

For example, my parents recently entertained the idea of repairing the stairs that lead down from their back deck.

However, in order to do that they need to get it assessed by the city, review some of the approved options for material to use to build these stairs, etc.

And failure to comply with these regulations will result in a multi-thousand dollar fine.

But this is not a regulation you would really care about unless you had a deck you needed to tear down.

In an effort to trim down the amount of government regulation I wish that someone made a flow chart series with different actions, starting a business, repairing your deck, etc. and what it would look like with and without government regulations.

It might be just the red pill the average person needs.

Photo by Julian Hilweg on Unsplash.

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