The Hardest But Most Necessary Lesson To Keep In Mind

“No matter who we become or what we accomplish, we still feel that we’re essentially the kid we were at some simpler time long ago.

Somehow that’s the trick of leadership, too, I think, to hold on to that awareness of yourself even as the world tells you how powerful and important you are.

The moment you start to believe it all too much, the moment you look yourself in the mirror and see a title emblazoned on your forehead, you’ve lost your way.

That may be the hardest but also the most necessary lesson to keep in mind, that wherever you are along the path, you’re the same person you’ve always been.”

The above is one of my favorite quotes from the book “The Ride Of A Lifetime” capturing the lessons Robert Iger learned as CEO of Walt Disney.

Maintaining a mindset of humility and curiosity will serve you incredibly well.

And as soon as you lose that you’ve lost your way and have essentially tried to pull the sheep’s skin over your own eyes, a form of cognitive dissonance.

Photo by Nina Mercado on Unsplash.

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