Learning From Teams At Google

Once upon a time, Google conducted a study which is now referred to as Project Aristotle.

Google was also influenced heavily by a man named Bill Campbell.

It’s improtant that you known about Bill before we go into Project Aristotle.

Bill was a coach for collegiate football before he became a coach for silicon valley startups.

Football, like business, is a team sport.

He learned that in order for a business to be successful it needs strong teams.

He instilled this philosophy at Google, with ongoing mentoring relationship with executives and frequent trainings for managers.

Years later, Google studied their teams to identify the key elements which made some teams so successful.

You can read more of their findings here.

The number one the key element of successful teams was the level of trust within a team, in academic terms known as physiological safety.

In belief this looks like, “If I make a mistake on our team, it is not held against me.”

After all, teams that are vulnerable to sharing their problems are better at solving them.

Trust is one of those things where it’s best built by those who first lead with it.

So whether you’re a leader or an associate, dare to be vulnerable and treat others with empathy to build physiological safety.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash.

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