Two Things I Learned Today From Being Inquisitive

Simple life events, that one might typically consider mundane, contain so many elements that are unusual if approached with an inquisitive perspective.

For example…

Who invented snow blowing machines?

A technical director at Warner Bros. Louis Geib did. This man was a technical movie director who initially needed snowfall for close-ups and movie scenes. And now that machine has been significantly modified and is an essential tool resorts rely upon to open.

Why don’t more resorts have night skiing?

Because ski resorts are businesses it really comes down to a cost benefit analysis. For most big resorts closing in the late afternoon is advantageous to adequately prepare for the next day, while avoiding staffing another shift of workers, higher insurance and the typically lower demand for night skiing as it gets much colder and icy. This inquiry also led to some interesting market research.

Approach the mundane with an inquisitive perspective.

Photo by Matze Bob on Unsplash.

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