3 Companies Delighting Users

These companies all have something in common, they are remarkable. Out of the ordinary. As Seth Godin would say, a Purple Cow.

I think the world, and your business, would be better off by being a little more remarkable, like a Purple Cow.


This outdoor company has one of the best return policies, ever.

Free repair for any product and a lifetime return policy with the option of store credit. Incredible.

Kentucky Friend Chicken

This chicken phenomenon provided value to their communities by filling the gap, literally, in road conditions. For $3k 350 pot holes were filled and stamped with a custom template advertising their business. In traditional marketing $3k is a 30 second blip on prime-time television, or an obscure billboard.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Think the movies then add in an element of surprise. This cinema takes the movie going experience and elevates it. From live snake handlers, to all you can eat pasta, and hosting screenings of famous movies in famous places, e.g. the film Escape from Alcatraz at Alcatraz Island.

With a little creativity you can find more ways to delight users.

And because I couldn’t resist, here are two nonprofits who are delighting their audience.

So All May Eat

A no price menu where everyone pays what they can.

No check out space just an envelop where you put a fair price for the meal, a hearty donation, or nothing at all.

And if the latter is the situation you find yourself in they asked that you help out in the kitchen, serve some soup, or clean up for an hour or so.


This nonprofit encourages you to give gently read children’s books out at Halloween instead of candy. Offering them a choice of books when they ring your doorbell. Their logo is equally charming “Feed kids’ minds, not their cavities. Give them brain candy.”

These are all encouraging examples because they scream, think different and delight users in doing so!

Photo by Chrissa Giannakoudi on Unsplash.

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