Knowledge Rarely Confirms Your Opinion

I believe it’s in the book “Originals” by Adam Grant where he proposes the idea that procrastination is incredibly valuable.

Allowing us to add additional insight that we otherwise would have missed if we had ridged deadlines.

For example, Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t come up with the “I have a dream” line until about 5 minutes before he started his speech. It was inspired by a spontaneous act where a women was singing a gospel song about having a dream right before he started talking.

This also resonates with the words of Malcolm Gladwell where he says one of the most valuable things he’s learned from his career is: “Delaying the moment at which you draw a conclusion about someone.”

He follows that with another profound thought “The more you learn about something the more likely you are to change. Knowledge only rarely confirms what you thought you knew, most the time digging into something makes you realize how dumb you were.”

(Find those time snippets at minute 24:00 & 30:00)

I’ve found this to be true over, and over again.

There is so much grey and so little black and white.

Photo by kevin turcios on Unsplash.

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  1. Hey, just let me know when you start a podcast 🤘🏼 I think you’re amazing and I haven’t even met you 😂 I just know you from my little sister Edie


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