Footprints, The Digital Kind

The internet has brought an information rich era.

Information that leads to confusion and wide spread falsehood while simultaneously providing an incredible level of transparency.

For example, people increasingly reveal a wide range of information in publicly available channels, while other information that may have only seen a few eyes goes viral because of the reach of social channels.

Exposer, voluntary or not, can be done quickly.

The person at your local fast food chain does an amazing, or maybe terrible, job and now 24.5 million people know about it.

You sent an email that someone put on LinkedIn where it has millions of impressions.

As the barriers to information, mistakes, personal information, continue to be removed how will that change how you live your life?

Maybe taking more time to consider the pros and cons of your actions, digital and in person.

Maybe being more empathetic.

Maybe identifying your values so you can have peace about your decisions in regard to your online footprint.

Photo by Emily Perkins on Unsplash.

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