Jellyfish And Immortality

Nature amazes, astounds, and ameliorates.

My previous perceptions of possibilities are consistently shattered.

And laughter seems the only appropriate response when you think of the reactions of those who initially discovered it.

Imagine seeing a rhino for the first time, or learning that a jellyfish is immortal.

Wait, immortal? A jellyfish?


But not all jellyfish, just the Turritopsis dohrnii species found in the Mediterranean.

In response to physical damage or even starvation, they take a leap back in their development process, transforming back into a polyp.

This process is known as transdifferentiation, cells change from stem cells into another cell type.

Maybe you’re today days old when you learned this or maybe I just slept through a day of class.

Regardless, nature awaits, go outside.

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