The Myth Of Objective Values

Some people speak of objective values, but the word “objective” is always a lie, because there is always an observer hidden somewhere, even in the most carefully and rigorously tested scientific knowledge.

It is always,”So and so, using the following assumptions, studying this and that, with the following methods and instruments, under the following conditions, has found that—” Heinz von Foerster has stated the fallacy of “objective”knowledge very powerfully: (18)It is syntactically and semantically correct to say that subjective statements are made by subjects. Thus, correspondingly, we may say that objective statements are made by objects. It is only too bad that these damned things don’t make any statements.

– Brandford P. Keeney, Aesthetics of Change

This is an interesting argument.

I agree objective values do not exist, because values by definition are influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

But I can not agree that ‘objective’ knowledge does not exist.

Here’s why.

In order for his argument to be true observers/humans can not speak facts.

And I would argue that if one were to say, “The sun is hot” it would not be influenced by personal taste or opinion.

Or maybe, I’m completely missing the point.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash/\.

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