The Serendipitous Nature Of Vulnerability

Try to plan it, catch it, or coax it out, and you might find yourself empty handed.

But you can create a space for it to appear.

And often, that can me more than enough.

It might show up in a 30 second moment of appreciation (I’ve tear up almost every time watching this clip because of how deeply I want to be someone who the way impacts people the way Chamath talks about the impact Sam Leng had on him).

Or when hearing about the determination and effort needed to accomplish truly hard things.

Thus is the serendipitous nature of vulnerability.

But when it does appear it acts like a light.

Drawing other people to follow suit, while showing the strength needed to reveal areas we’re prone to hide because of our fears of appearing weak.

We all want to be around vulnerable people but we rarely are vulnerable people.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash.

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