The Haitian Revolution

We’ve all heard that history repeats itself.

The same lesson learned by a different group of people, over, and over again.

One of those repeatedly learned lessons is how often people act against their own self interest because of their prideful resistance to make small changes.

Take the Haitian revolution for example.

At the time preempting the revolution it was a French colony with a split population of white colonists who owned slaves, free colored people that owned slaves, and the slaves themselves.

The white colonist and free colored population could not get along.

Solely because the white colonists were so racist to the point where they were not willing to live in harmony with the free colored people, who were perfectly fine with owning slaves.

This forced the free colored people who owned slaves to do dramatic things to be treated fairly.

Ultimately siding with the slaves themselves to over throw the white colonists. This resulted in one of the very few successful slave revolts in history.

Another great example is the French revolution.

This bloody event may have never happened if the French government would have done the bear minimum to change some of the tax structure conflicts between the Monarchy & the nobility.

Don’t make the mistakes of the past and act against your own self interest by refusing to make small changes.

Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash.

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