Potential Is There, Let’s Develop It

A friend of mine is job searching.

To aid them, I’ve been asking recruiters who have reached out to me if they’d be open to chatting with my friend who has entry level experience for a few roles.

Of five recruiters I’ve posed this question to, one replied with an email they could send a resume to.

I understand recruiters have limited time.

They need to prioritize candidates that fit their description.

However, I was a little surprised that these recruiters didn’t provide some entry level options for where a candidate could evaluate entry level opportunities and be a potential win for the company.

Maybe this is in part because I remember being an entry level candidate, wanting a company to take a chance on me, and also looking it from a few years into a career and seeing how overlooked that entry level talent can be.

There’s something to be said abut planting seeds for future growth or simply evaluating potential.

As talent is increasingly scarce it makes you wonder how the role of a company in equipping their work force with skills and having more on the job training will evolve.

Potential is there, let’s develop it.

Photo by Sasha Panarin on Unsplash.

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